Bienvenidos: La MarToca (La Maar-Toe-Kah) means where the sea touches. Family owned and operated to the last detail: Truly one of a kind venue in Bucerias, Nayarit. A Beach garden means that you get to soak in the beauty and easy access to the beach and sand yet; You will not suffer from the sand in shoes and phones monster. You have the comfort and beauty of green grass to walk on. Trees to surround you. A stunning view of the ocean and a simple walk down the staircase to the beach if you choose to actually touch the water. 



Look at the work of Jorge Romero photographer


We are an indie wedding venue (non corporate) located in a secluded nook between Punta Mita and Nuevo Vallarta. Our home. Literally: We live next door. Think of us as your cousins who live on an awesome beach town and want to show you the best time of your lives. We are casual and relaxed in how we speak to you and work with you. Yet super uptight on executing your wedding plan, decor and, very demanding of our vendor team on your behalf.

We love to create custom weddings with authentic Mexican cultural flare and romantic vibes. We highlight local street food stands as features. We promote local cuisine and decor on table settings and ceremony styles. We use Driftwood. Bougainvillea. Palms leaf decor. Shell curtains. Brick and blown glass. Talavera. Handicrafts. Amazing lighting. All set on a natural mature garden on the beach. Rich culture comes alive in our food presentations and decor and rustic looks, yet, all presented in classy modern or “boho” chic style in our top class comfortable facilities.

Martoca Weddings’ signature: To Showcase Mexico Culture on Private Beach Garden Setting.

We do not have accommodations. So you and guests are free to book anywhere you like. We literally have condos and small hotels to choose from next door; Or you can book All-Inclusive resorts or villas all around within 20 minute drive. Sayulita, Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta are all within 30 minutes or less drive for guests. We book transportation.